Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Alaine's Vegan Rainforest Cake

Our top-selling holiday cake is a fruitcake-lover's dream. These loaves, made by hand in small batches, are made of Brazil nuts, California apricots, dates, pineapple, cranberries and raisins. All fruit is UN-sulphured, for a dark, moist loaf that is gently sweetened with organic agave, lightly spiked with orange, and basted with brandy.

There is a small amount of rice flour, and the only fat is in the healthy Brazil nuts. Made with only the finest ingredients, the Rainforest Cake truly is the ultimate fruit cake. Indeed, this could be your holiday gift solution for years to come because once someone receives one of these outstandingly delicious cakes, they will ask for it year after year!

The loaves weigh just under 2 lbs, and are $35.00 each, while a smaller 12 ounce loaf is $22.00 Give a healthy gift of love! Let this be the beginning of a happy, healthy tradition!
 By the way, these cakes ship beautifully via USPS... and, with our Gift Packaging option, we can also package these cakes individually in beautiful white burlap bags and custom shipping boxes. Shipping costs are extra, as shown below in the drop-down menu.


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