Thursday, June 10, 2010

Naturally Thin - Or Disciplined?

I was included in a book that Sally Shields ("The Daughter-in-Law Rules") put together, "Naturally Thin -- or Discipline?" which profiles 101 slender women, revealing what they eat, do they exercise, have they ever been heavy, etc.

I enjoyed writing down my daily routine. However, then Sally said that we needed to send her high-resolution full-length photos...hmmm. I didn't feel all that confident, since I now have a mouth full of braces (since my horse crash in April '09). I didn't want to do a big, smiley grin the way I always have - and I didn't think I could get a decent picture of me smiling with my mouth closed.

Reichel and I chose a professional photographer in San Francisco and the photographs were taken in his studio. It had been many, many years since I'd had my picture taken on a seamless, in a studio. It was fun, even though in hindsight, I wish we'd shot in a location, like a yoga studio.

OMG, if my yoga instructor (and friend), Roberta had seen this - she would have straightened out my back leg!!

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