Monday, December 6, 2010

The Holidaze - Order by December 18th for Delivery!

I don't know how it happens every year: fall is going along nicely, and Thanksgiving is so great with all the wonderful foods -- and then suddenly, Christmas is SO close, and I am zooming around frantically, getting all the various special ingredients for Alaine's Rainforest Cake as well as shipping boxes, wrapping paper, ribbons, decorated stationery for enclosures. Baking, cooking, washing pans and pans, baking again, gift-wrapping, addressing, returning to the post office again and again with the white corrugated boxes of Rainforest Cake that go around the world and all over the US and Canada. This is the 18th year that I have done this....yes, it was "smoother" when I had a bakery in LA with employees - then the person complaining was our UPS driver who had to bring his dolly to carry all the boxes of cakes to his truck. (He really did complain a LOT.)

This year I have removed the tofu from the recipe so that it is soy-free as well as vegan, gluten-free, no refined sugar, no added fat, no salt. Prices have increased so much on the ingredients, that to keep from such a drastic price increase on the cake, I have made the cakes a few ounces smaller. I am aware that if the cakes were in Whole Foods Market at present, they would retail for at least $40. (I was surprised to see a holiday fruitcake there 2 years ago, made with "regular" ingredients for $35!) So, yes, Alaine's Rainforest Cake remains a great value and great deal for the money. And -- there's nothing like it anywhere else, as it's not considered "good business" to use such expensive ingredients. I was told early on (back in '93) that the way to "make money" was to use as low-cost of ingredients as I could find. Trouble is, you can feel and taste the difference! That's why those who order Rainforest Cake continue to do so, year after year. It's not something you can tire of, as it's so unique.

Once again , I remind you that if you would like to order Rainforest Cake, or any of our other baked specialties for this holiday season, please place your order by December 18th in order to insure delivery by Christmas. You can now make your selections --- as well as make a prompt, convenient payment --- right from this website! It's that quick and easy!

As always, we welcome new first-time customers... and sincerely appreciate all of our esteemed clients who have been so supportive over the years. Thank you so very much !!

May you have a joyful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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