Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Alaine's Rainforest Cake

You may or may not have received... or given all that you desired for Christmas and the holidays, but it is never too late to order Rainforest Cake -- either for yourself, or someone else.  The weather is chilly, and that seems to make the Rainforest Cake taste even better!

Here's a Rainforest Cake, still looking holiday-ish.

And, actually, there are still Rainforest Cakes en route around the world as gifts for the new year.  For customers, I mailed cakes to Australia and to France, which should be reaching their destinations soon.  These cakes are gifts to people who love the Rainforest Cake and look forward to it every year.

Besides being delicious with a hot cup of tea or coffee, Rainforest Cake is a great energy food.  There's no "sugar rush"; it gives a good, slow-burning, sustaining energy.  Rainforest Cake was my first product that I sold in stores, back in 1993, and then, we sliced it and wrapped individual slices that were displayed in burlap-covered baskets.  Many customers during those early years called the phone number on the label, to let me know how much they loved it, and what they used it for:  mountain-climbing, cycling, backpacking, golf.  One customer wrote and said he had a loaf in his backpack in Tibet, and due to circumstances, ended up "living on it" for several days.  Two young men called and said they were planning a cross-country bike trip, and that of all the energy bars on the market, Rainforest Cake tasted better, and got them farther.  They had me mail small boxes of slices to post offices along their route, so they had a constant supply.  After their return, they appeared with me in my booth at the Outdoor Adventure Fair at Moscone Center in San Francisco in 1996, with a video monitor showing scenes from their ride. 
Rainforest Cake can also be made without the Brazil nuts, and in fact, was called Rainforest Lite.  When I was taping a couple of segments on Dr. John MacDougall's show (back in the '90's), he told me that he and his wife, Mary, liked to travel with the Rainforest Lite (we all know he avoids nuts!) in their suitcase.  That way, he said, they knew they had something good to eat.  I mailed cakes without nuts to customers this year, too.
Whatever you may do to enjoy life, Rainforest Cake gives you the energy to do it.  And although it tastes deliciously decadent, it is a very healthy food.  Don't hesitate to give us a call if you would like to order.  You deserve it, after all you've been through!

Rainforest Cake in its shipping box, and notice the white burlap bag that it comes in.

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  1. A slice of Rainforest cake is like a slice of heaven. I love them with Brazil nuts!