Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Year Update

Baghdad and I just before Christmas 2012

Greenheart Bakery had a very busy holiday season; thank you to everyone who ordered, whether dinner or dessert dishes.  We always enjoy being a part of your holiday celebrations!  Rainforest Cakes went as far as Australia and France, although most were for folks here in the U.S.  (I love mailing out those cakes!)  *Just a reminder to read the post just before this one, in case you'd still like your own Rainforest Cake - yes, it is possible!

We have chosen the date for the third Greenheart Bakery Dining Club dinner:  Saturday, February 9th.  We shall celebrate Chinese New Year with a 3-course dinner and dessert.  It will also be my Thoroughbred horse, Baghdad's, 15th birthday - and that means cake :-).  It's a circuitous story, but it was Baghdad's actions that led us here to Tucson two years ago, and he should be acknowledged, as we are happy here.  Email us for an invitation, if you haven't already received one.

Whole Foods update:  they were unable to answer the questions on their 18-page New Vendor Packet, and so the process bogged down in November.  I did receive an apology last Friday, and my original contact who discovered that I am in Tucson is now back from maternity leave.  Her intention is to get the items they have chosen (an assortment of muffins, bars, the vegan parfait and the glazed mini-bundt cake) into the new River store and the Speedway store for "now".  So we shall all have to be patient....

Meanwhile, I am taking samples to other stores around town.  I shall post here as items become available at locations around Tucson.

And, weddings are in the air!  I meet with two brides this week for wedding cakes later this year.  So, please remember that yes, Greenheart Bakery does do wedding cakes, which includes the currently popular cupcake towers.  We shall soon have a new page up showcasing some of the cakes I have done in the past 20 years (we have a new scanner!).

Speaking of additions to this site, Healthy You Network will record me this Saturday making my pizza recipe, which I have long wanted to tape.  Then it will be "viewable" on their website as well as this one.  It's a crowd-pleaser, and one that I have successfully served to vegans and non-vegans alike.


  1. Hi Alaine, Just curious to see if your products are available anywhere in town yet? Patiently awaiting news.

    1. We will have our vending table at the Farmers Market at St. Phillips Plaza in Tucson starting on Saturday, April 6th... starting at 9 am... with many of our delicious items available for purchase. Hope to see you there! Love, Alaine