Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dining Club, La Mariposa, Birthday Cakes

Yes, I am holding a huge Chocolate Cherry Cake!

Our 3rd Dining Club Dinner last Saturday February 9th was really fun!  We had miso soup with wontons that I stuffed with vegan sausage that I made without oil, baked spring rolls with 2 dipping sauces --- a hot mustard, and a sweet apricot-plum "duck" sauce.  Hot Jasmine or Bancha green tea accompanied the buckwheat soba noodles with asparagus, bean sprouts, carrots, cucumbers and green onions.  We flavored brown basmati rice with dried basil we'd grown last summer.  And Ted created a tasty garnish of pickled ginger, radish (some from our garden), cucumber and jicama.  We took a break so that the people who wanted to feed carrots to the horses could do so before dark.  When we returned, we had Chocolate Cherry Cake, herbal tea, and fortune cookies.  By all the exclaiming, I understand that a lot of folks were pleased with their fortunes.

If you attended this dinner please feel free to post your comments in the box provided at the end of this blog entry, thanks!
The juice bar at La Mariposa

We also delivered the first order to our new wholesale account here in Tucson last Wednesday, February 6th:  La Mariposa Resort and Health Club.  It is located on Houghton, over here on the east side.  The manager, Francesca, wants to carry very healthy options for her members, and is very enthusiastic about carrying Greenheart Bakery muffins, brownies, bars and oatmeal cookies.  If you're in the neighborhood, you can come in to the juice bar w/o being a member.

Mike and his love, Brenda, are regular customers...

And so I was pleased when Brenda called and ordered Mike's birthday cake, in addition to a dozen muffins in her 2 favorite flavors:  Blueberry Oat Bran and Pumpkin Cranberry.  Happy birthday, Mike!
Thomas's Chocolate Brownie Cake w/Walnuts

The past month has been a flurry with birthday cakes and wedding cake tastings.  Thomas is a hairdresser at Wild Orchid Salon here in Tucson.  He ordered his own birthday cake, he said, because he wanted to make sure he got the cake he wanted and would eat.  I delivered it to the salon for him, and he shared it with other staff and clients that day - and it was a hit!  When I stopped by 2 weeks later, I was peppered with questions about how I had made it without eggs, dairy, fat, sugar or white flour.  "But what did you use for chocolate?"  I was asked.  "I use organic cocoa powder from Peru that has not been alkalized - so it's real chocolate!"

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  1. How can I say wonderful/amazing/stupendous/incredible/and fantastic in one sentence? Oh, I just did! Maggie and I enjoyed a delightful evening at Alaine and Ted's ranch. The stars were shining, horses grazing, our lovely hostess greeted us with tasty drinks and we feasted on the most delicious vegan fare in Tucson. If you haven't already experienced The Dining Club, better grab the next spot - or else we're going to! Thank you for a very special evening, one we will never forget. J.M, Tucson, Az.