Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Saturday Mornings at the St. Phillips Plaza Farmers Market in Tucson

Hello Friends,

We are pleased to inform you that Greenheart Bakery now has a vendor's booth at the weekly Saturday Farmers Market at St. Phillips Plaza in Tucson. We will be there every Saturday morning  from 8 am until 12 pm ---- and please note that this is the Saturday market only, and not the Sunday one.
Our table at the Saturday St. Phillips Farmers Market...    
We hope that you will come by and visit us there...... You will find our delicious assortment of wonderful muffins, brownies, cookies, apricot date bars, special cakes by-the-slice.... and cool treats like tofu "uncheesecake", fresh creamy parfaits, and fruit tarts.....

You can select items and make purchases there, as well as place special orders for pick-up the following week. This is a great chance to stock up on baked items and bring them home.

You can count on our exceptional quality, the healthiest ingredients... and all of our products are vegan, egg and dairy free, with no refined sugar, using only whole grain flour, and no preservatives at all.....
Alaine serves a slice of our Orange Coconut Pineapple coffee cake
 We hope to see you there,



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