Thursday, September 19, 2013

YouTube videos by Alaine Shrewsbury now OnLine

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have just uploaded 2 new instructional videos to YouTube.

These were originally made for the Healthy You Network back in January of 2013. They feature one of my very favorite recipes, Vegan Pizza ----  that I have been making for many years now and always enjoy.

The first video shows how to make Vegan sausage, one of the components used in the pizza recipe itself. I show how easy it is to make vegan sausage... going step-by-step, starting with the basic ingredients, then combining in the spices, and finally preparing the links. Vegan sausage has all the flavor of regular sausage but is 100% meatless ! This is a delicious item that is both Gluten-free and Oil-free --- and can be used as part of many other recipes as well.

Here is the YouTube LINK * :

The second video continues on... and shows how to assemble the complete pizza step-by-step.  We start by making a homemade Pesto sauce using fresh basil and other herbs, and then prepare your vegetables by first oven roasting them to bring out all of their great flavor !! Every pizza reflects its ingredients, so learn how to combine everything together to make a super Vegan pizza, one that everyone will really enjoy.

Here is the YouTube LINK*:

As many of you know, I am part of the Vegan Challenge sponsored by La Mariposa here on the east side of Tucson. Last night Wednesday 9/18 we had our very first "dinner" there, and Vegan pizza was the featured item on the menu. If you were there and enjoyed it then here is your chance to see exactly how it was prepared. The Vegan Challenge group meets every Wednesday evening 6:30-8:00 pm. For more information about joining this group please call me at 323-236-8788. Thanks!

*When using the YouTube LINKS, please copy the blue LINK itself and then paste into a new tab/window on your computer screen. That way you can always return to this part of the Greenheart Bakery webpage.

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