Friday, January 24, 2014

Sunday brunch at La Mariposa

Greenheart Dining Club recently served a wonderful Brunch this past Sunday, January 19th at La Mariposa on Houghton. 

The Starlight Room at La Mariposa

The first guests to arrive enjoyed strolling around the peaceful pond outside, watching the ducks... while others helped themselves to French roast coffee, decaf and hot tea. 

We started our meal with a fresh tropical fruit salad: papaya, banana, pineapple, mango - "dressed" with fresh lime and mango juices. For the main dish we had blue corn waffles, tofu scramble with minced tomatoes, onions and yellow squash. The breakfast potatoes were prepared with red and green bell peppers and red onions. I made a flavorful vegan sausage out of pinto beans, oat flour and herbs --- which was very well-received. 

Alaine talks with our Guests

Ted gave a short talk on the health benefits of blue corn, and its rediscovery... and one of our guests, Judi, quipped, "It's a Ted talk!" For dessert we served squares of gingerbread with a maple "cream" on top - these were served in containers that could be taken home, in case people were just too full to enjoy it there. And how great to have a yummy healthy treat later! 

The day was beautiful; the company convivial, and everyone loved the food, of course... not to mention the wonderful and spacious setting of La Mariposa. It was such a success that we resolved to have another brunch in the future!


Thank you to all of our wonderful guests that attended,




  1. Hi Alaine,

    Just wanted to thank you for inviting us to your brunch this morning, and seating us at the table with the folks that we enjoyed meeting and visiting with so much. We had a wonderful time, and everything about the experience was special. La Mariposa is a perfect place for such an event. We looked the facilities over, and everything about the place is first class!

    Jim and Judi Knapp

  2. Alaine,
    I wanted to send you a quick note to say how much I loved being a part of your bunch yesterday. I love that you are doing such a wonderful event that celebrates this wonderful food we eat. I also loved getting seconds!

    Jim Porter, Tucson, AZ

  3. Alaine,

    We all loved your brunch! Those sausages were SUPERB!! My Jon, the butter, meat and potato man ( whom I am trying slowly to change his way of eating) LOVED them as did the rest of our table! All in all everything was wonderful!

    Jon and Lorilyn
    Sierra Vista, AZ