Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Holiday Time: Sat/Sun Dec 20/21

Rainforest Cakes ready for gift-wrapping.

Many Rainforest Cakes have gone out in the mail this week; others were purchased at the farmers markets.  There is still time to get them!  Call me 520-954-2409 if you'd like me to ship a cake for you (Priority Mail's last day to arrive by Christmas is Sat Dec 20th), or hold a cake for you at St. Phillips Farmers Market, where I will be this weekend, both Sat and Sun, from 9 am - 1 pm.
(Sorry no Green Valley last week or this; I was too busy baking last week, and now it's raining too hard :-(
We do have other gift items:  PURE Vermont Maple Syrup, which Ted brought back from Vermont in November.  It is quite different from what is offered at TJ's and Costco - it is wonderful!
Ted's Bear Fetish T-shirts, and Jojoba Oil, also pure, and from southern AZ.

The original Rainforest Cake hang tag, circa 1993
I came across a vintage hang tag for the Rainforest Cake.  This is the 21st year I have made them "professionally".  (Before that, I was an amateur ;-).  It's rather quaint to read this tag.  Some ingredients have changed; no more tofu, for example, and pineapple replaces the apple rings. For some reason, I didn't mention the cranberries.  Inspired by "Diet for a New America" by John Robbins, I used to point out how the cake was good for people and the environment, and didn't involve animal cruelty - a conscious gift of love - when I did in-store samplings.  I fondly recall Erewhon in West Hollywood being my favorite store for these.  Often a customer there would hug me and thank me for making these cakes, as did Chris DeRose of Last Chance for Animals.  Loving kindness for all was the idea, and it is one that has grown the past 2 decades. 

Love & Blessings now, and in the new year!

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