Friday, February 13, 2015

Busy February (thank you!)

Individual Berry Tart (set on chocolate filling) and Raspberry Chocolate Hearts
It's February and Tucson is in "high gear":  the Gem Show, the Rodeo, and all the "snowbirds" are here for the gorgeous weather.

It has been so busy that I have not posted for several weeks!  The BEST IDEA is to "like" and follow Green Heart Bakery on Facebook, or at least check our Facebook page, if you would like to see WHERE WE ARE.  I have managed to post there a couple times per week, confirming that we'll be at the farmers markets, for example.

Green Heart is at 3 farmers markets every week:  Saturday and Sunday 9 am - 1 pm at St. Phillips Plaze (SE corner of River and Campbell), and Wednesday 10 am - 2 pm in Green Valley (Esperanza exit, turn right, and immediately left into shopping center).

Carrot Cake decorated for a birthday
Every weekend we have a hearty soup, and a main dish, both of which can be purchased by individual serving.  Also sandwiches - the newest is Hummus Veg Slaw, which joins the ever-popular Tuno (aka Chickpea of the Sea).

Orange Coconut Pineapple Coffee Cake

Always a good selection of baked goods:  coffee cake, muffins, brownies, cookies, cakes by the slice, and often pies and tarts.  Remember:  everything is made with organic whole-grain flours, and almost everything is gluten-free.  No refined sugar, no dairy, no eggs, no GMO ingredients, no added fat.  As we like to say, Green Heart makes "dessert that doesn't hurt".  In fact, it's all nutritious, as well as delicious.

See you soon at the market!

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