Thursday, July 20, 2017

Menu for July 23rd Rillito Park Farmers Market

The farmers market at Rillito Park (4502 N. 1st Ave) is open from 8 am - noon.  (Some shoppers are showing up at 7:30, although this Sunday is not forecast to be as hot.)

The menu:

Chilled Beet Borscht

Mulligatawny Soup (red lentils, roasted garbanzo beans, yams, with Indian seasonings:  fresh ginger and garlic)

Pizza:  pesto on cauliflower crust, roasted eggplant, zucchini, red bell pepper, housemade GF "sausage" with sundried tomatoes, Kalamata olives and cashew cheez

Millet Lentil Loaf Sandwich on Dave's Killer Bread (you can also order your own loaf or half loaf of the millet lentil loaf, which kind of resembles meatloaf),

Herbed Seitan on multi-grain buns with cashew cheez and housemade BBQ sauce (you can order your own loaf or half loaf of the seitan which kind of resembles beef brisket)

Chickpea "Tuna" aka Tuno:  sandwiches on Dave's Killer Bread, or 8 oz. container (I have customers who order by the pound)


Strawberry Short Cake

Raspberry Blueberry 3" Tarts

Strawberry Rhubarb Hand Pies, Peach Hand Pies

Banana Walnut Bread

Carrot L
ayer Cake

Chocolate Oat Bran
Muffins; Blueberry Oat Bran Muffins

Please message or call 954-2409 if you'd like to reserve anything.
  There may be other additions but these items will definitely be available.

Thank you!
*Leaving for Vermont on Tues Jul 25th, so Green Heart will not be at the market on July 30th.

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