Sunday, July 19, 2020

Break Time

We wish you a happy & healthy summer.  We trailered 2 of our horses (Canela & Baloo), and brought our 3 cats to a property 19 miles from Pagosa Springs, CO.  We really needed a break; business has been very busy before and since the pandemic (and we couldn't really complain because we were fortunate to have the work - and besides, no one wants to hear complaining ;-).  This is a vacation that was 10 years in the making, so we are enjoying and savoring it as much as possible.  If you already know me, you know I don't do well in the Tucson summer heat; you see me Sundays at Rillito with my "neck cooler" on (which isn't cool enough), spritzing myself with my water mister, and in general, just looking "baked", lol. And so, this break is a "slice of heaven" as someone wrote on my Facebook page.  Yes, it is.

We return in August.  As it turns out, we have to move from our horse property on the Tanque Verde Wash, east of Houghton, where many of you have picked up birthday cakes over the past 8 years.  Although we did not choose this move, we have to make the best of it, and the day before we left Tucson, we were fortunate to get a very nice horse property off Cloud, up Sabino Canyon Rd.  It will be our temporary home until we can find the right horse property to buy.  As our move will be involved and arduous, we believe it will be the middle of August before we resume the weekly menu email on Wednesdays, and the Sunday Rillito Farmers Market.  The earliest the menu will resume will be August 12th; otherwise, August 19th.  (My helper, Cathy, who is terrific, does not yet know when she'll be back in Tucson.  As I had planned to have her help me organize and move as Ted dismantles all he has built there these past years, her absence will slow me down. )

We will get moved, and we are looking forward to the change.  We are already thinking about having a Greenheart Dining Club dinner at the new (large) house!  (I know; it's been YEARS since we've done that :)

A few more vacation shots:

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