Saturday, July 10, 2021

Menu for Sunday 7/11 - Mulligatawny & Spring Rolls


Green Heart MENU for Sunday july 11th @ Rillito Park Farmers market

8 AM – 11:30 AM


Please have your order in by THURSDAY NIGHT. (we always do our best to fulfill later orders J

Mulligatawny Stew

A thick hearty soup of organic red lentils & organic sweet potatoes, with roasted organic garbanzos. Seasoned with fresh ginger & garlic & Indian spices. (GF, SF, oil-free, no onions) $7.00

Frozen we have:  Roasted Corn Chowder; Split Pea w/parsnips, potatoes & carrots (only 1); Broccoli White Bean (only 2).  $7.00

Thai Spring Rolls

Organic carrots, sprouts, daikon, cucumber, crispy tofu, red bell, wrapped in a soft spring roll.  With 2 dipping sauces:  Teriyaki w/ coconut aminos, and Carrot Ginger. (GF, no nuts, no onions, no oil) $11.

*Quinoa can be subbed for the crispy tofu for SF (soy-free) – PLEASE SPECIFY.


Chickpea Mock “Tuna”:  8 oz container, OR on Dave’s Killer Bread. This is very low fat, as we make the “mayo” (tofu, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, Dijon, agave), and high in fiber and plant protein. $8. (filling is GF, oil-free)

Curried ChickUn Salad: 3 grain tempeh in a dressing of  our tofu-based mayo and mango chutney, mixed with celery, raisins & roasted cashews. 8 oz container, OR on Dave’s Killer Bread. $8.50 (filling is oil-free)

Seitan Reuben:  house made seitan corned “beef”, sauerkraut, our cashew cheez spread, with our Russian dressing, on organic sprouted rye. $10.

Organic Millet Lentil Loaf w/our cashew cheez:  on Dave’s Killer Bread, w/ketchup. Sprouted millet & green lentils cooked with onion, basil, thyme & oregano, to make a loaf that is sliced and put in the sandwich. (loaf & cashew cheez are GF, SF, oil-free. Dave’s Bread has gluten) $8.50

BBQ Jackfruit on a “Bun”: Jackfruit dry-sauteed and marinated in our house-made BBQ sauce, with our cashew cheez spread on an Ezekiel English muffin (acting as a healthy bun.) $8.50 (SF, no added oil)


Healthy Desserts

Toasted Almond Torte with Organic Strawberries Cake by the slice (GF, oil-free) 7.00

Chocolate Cherry Parfaits – these are becoming popular as people “discover” them.  Bits of chocolate cake trim layered with organic cherries & our chocolate frosting. (GF, nut-free, no added fat) $5

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Uncheezcake  These are 4-inch rounds  (GF, no added oil) 8.00

Strawberry Rhubarb Mini-Pies w/streusel top (GF, SF, oil-free) 6.50 each

Lemon Bars (GF, nut-free) 5.00

Chocolate Cherry Truffles (raw) 2./each or 3 for $5.

Organic Fresh Berry Tarts (GF, nut-free) 6.50 Please specify if you’d like soy-free filling.


Fresh Pineapple Streusel Coffee Cake by the slice (GF, SF, no added oil) $5

 Blueberry Lemon Scones (GF, SF, no nuts) $4.00

 Orange Coconut Pineapple Coffee Cake 10 oz Loaves (GF, SF, no  added oil, no nuts) $7.

Banana Walnut 10 oz Loaves,  ( GF, no added oil) 7.00

Chocolate Glazed Donuts, baked, topped with sprinkles (GF, SF, no added oil, nut-free) 4.00

Cookies & Bars

Chocolate Walnut Cookies: sweetened w/birch xylitol, 3 small cookies in a container.  (GF, diabetic-friendly) $4

*Samoa Cookies* dipped in chocolate; healthy version of the Girl Scout cookies 3 small cookies in container (SF, GF, no nuts) $4.

Oatmeal Applesauce w/Chocolate Chip (SF, GF, no added fat, no nuts) 4.50

“New” Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie made with almond flour and almond butter. (SF, GF, the almond butter is the “fat”) $4.50

Chocolate Chip Pecan (SF, GF) 4.50

Molasses Ginger (GF, no nuts) 4.00

Apricot Date Bars (GF, SF, oil-free, date-sweetened, no nuts) 4.50

Organic Chocolate Brownies (GF, oil-free) 4.50

Magic Bars (grain-free, GF, SF, oil-free) 5.00

Grain-free, Low-carb Choices:

Wedding Cookies:  almond flour, ground walnuts, sweetened with monkfruit/erythritol. $4.

Lemon (No) Sugar Cookies: almond flour, coconut oil, monkfruit, fresh lemon (GF, SF) 3 in a pack $4

Keto Brownies; almond flour, cacao powder, monkfruit, coconut oil (GF, SF) HALF the size of our regular organic “cake” brownies $4

Almond Butter Brown Rice Krispie Squares $4.

Thank you in advance for your order. Please note that many savory items pre-sell out.

Just let me know if you’d like to be removed from this email list.

Feel free to phone me w/questions and/or special requests.

And feel free to forward this menu to anyone you know who’d be interested in WFPB foods.


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