Thursday, October 21, 2021

Return to Rillito Farmers Market 10/24


Dear Green Heart friends,

As you know, we're on vacation in Gila, NM with our 2 trail horses (& 3 cats).  We return to Tucson on Friday, and so we shall offer an abbreviated menu that we'll make in our abbreviated prep time.  You'll see two hearty soups on the menu, and sandwiches, and one entree; I hope you'll see something(s) you'd like.

It's hard to pick ONE picture out of all the scenery here; if you're following on Facebook, you can see the videos and photos I've shared.  I do love the cottonwoods, and they are turning color now (Ted says, "They're lighting up!").

Under Cottonwoods.jpg

The weather has been gorgeous every day so it's hard to complain....EXCEPT that it seems to me that trail riding horses is "going extinct".  We chose this place because they have amenities for horses, and this was a 60,000 acre cattle ranch, then a horse breeding farm.  But the big arena that was in front of the cabin we chose was recently dismantled, and we are the first guests to arrive with horses.  The big acreage was sold to the state to be a game preserve.  Supposedly we could ride it but it turned out that there are big barbed wire fences everywhere....and no corner gates to allow riders to pass through, as is customary.  The new owner of this place knows nothing about horses, and he didn't know about all the barbed wire fences.  It's frustrating, but we don't like to hound him with our complaints every day.  We've trailered to nearby riding spots (Box Canyon), and it's beautiful but almost impassable due to the neglect and lack of use of the trails.  We did cross the Gila River today in Box Canyon, leading the horses.  That was fun.  Once on the other side, there was nowhere to go as the "undergrowth" was chest high and filled with stickers, so we sat on a log, ate the sandwiches I'd made, and crossed back.  Oh, and we see NO ONE wherever we ride.

Now I'll abruptly return to the subject of Green Heart:  thank you in advance for your order.  You know that I typically acknowledge and confirm your order (by replying to your email order).  I will this week but most likely it will be Friday as Ted is driving us home.  (Tomorrow, Thursday, we will attempt to ride in another area.). Please try to have your order in by Thursday night.

In health,


9 AM – 1 PM

Southwest Black Bean Soup

Ted will make his delicious and popular black bean soup that he seasons with his southwest herbs. Also, Mexican tarragon, roasted corn, red bells, some tomatoes. (GF, SF, no oil) $7

Mushroom Barley Soup

Ted will make Mushroom Barley Soup; this is thick and hearty. (SF, oil-free, nut-free) $7.

Baked Falafel w/Tzatziki Sauce on Farro

Fresh cilantro and parsley season the chickpea-based falafel, with a cold dressing of coconut yogurt, cucumber & fresh dill, on top of a whole-grain farro salad (with roma tomatoes & fresh basil).

(Soy-free, no nuts, oil-free) $12.


Chickpea Mock “Tuna”: 8 oz container, or on Dave’s Killer Bread. This is very low fat, as we make the “mayo” (tofu, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, Dijon, agave), and high in fiber and plant protein. $8. (filling is GF, oil-free)

Curried ChickUn Salad: 3 grain tempeh in a dressing of mayo and mango chutney, mixed with celery, raisins & roasted cashews. 8 oz container, or on Dave’s Killer Bread. $9.00 (filling is oil-free)

Seitan Reuben: house made seitan corned “beef”, sauerkraut, our house made cashew cheez, with our Russian dressing, on organic sprouted rye. $10

Organic Millet Lentil Loaf w/our cashew cheez: on Dave’s Killer Bread, w/ketchup. Sprouted millet & green lentils cooked with onion, basil, thyme & oregano, to make a loaf that is sliced and put in the sandwich. (loaf & cashew cheez are GF, SF, oil-free. Dave’s Bread has gluten) $8.50

Also available: 10 oz Millet Lentil Loaf (by itself, no bread) $12

Healthy Desserts

Chocolate Cupcake w/peanut butter & cream cheez fillingorganic whole grain oat flour, gently sweetened with maple & agave, frosted in our silken tofu-based dark chocolate frosting & filled. $4.50 (GF, nut-free, no oil)

Pear Cranberry Upside Down Cake: ripe pear slices set in fresh cranberries. A single layer cake of organic whole grain oat flour, gently sweetened with agave, and lightly spiced with cinnamon and cloves. (GF, no added fat, nut-free) By the slice $5.

Pumpkin Mini-Pies: in a GF oat crust, the pumpkin filling has a silken tofu base. Perfectly sweetened and spiced. $6.50. (no added fat, not even in crust)

Triple Berry Hand Pies: in an organic sprouted spelt crust. The berries are mildly sweetened w/agave. (soy-free, nut-free) $6.50

Alaine’s Rainforest Cake – a loaf made of Brazil nuts, dates, 2 kinds of dried apricots, pineapple, raisins, craisins, fresh orange zest, agave and brown rice flour.

By the slice $4; the 1 lb. loaf $22, or 2 lb loaf $35


Cranberry Orange Walnut Muffin (GF, oil-free) $4.00 Chocolate Glazed (baked) Donuts (GF, SF, oil-free, no nuts) 4.00

Carrot Bread Loaves 10 oz, Banana Walnut 10 oz Loaves, (both GF, no added oil) 6.50

Cookies & Bars

Cranberry Bliss Bars (GF, oil-free) a bar made with organic whole grain oat flour, with a touch of orange zest, tart fresh cranberries & walnuts, sweetened w/coconut sugar & topped with vanilla cream cheez frosting (tofu-based) 4.50

Chispa Meal Bar: dates, almond butter, prunes, pineapple, cranberries, Turkish apricots, Blenheim apricots, almonds, walnuts, pecans, quinoa flour, brown rice flour, ginger pieces, cinnamon, orange zest, dark chocolate mini-chips, flax seeds, inulin, glucomannan powder, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, vanilla. 3 oz. This is designed to be a meal as it is very filling, as well as nourishing. $4.50

*Samoa Cookies* dipped in chocolate; healthy version of the Girl Scout cookies 3 small cookies in container (SF, GF, no nuts) $4.

Oatmeal Applesauce w/Chocolate Chip (SF, GF, no added fat, no nuts) 4.50

“New” Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie made with almond flour and almond butter. (SF, GF, the almond butter is the “fat”) $4.50

Chocolate Chip Pecan (SF, GF) 4.50 Molasses Ginger (GF, no nuts) 4.00

Apricot Date Bars w/Chocolate Chips (GF, SF, oil-free, date-sweetened, no nuts) 4.50

Organic Chocolate Brownies: a big cake brownie (GF, oil-free) 4.50

Magic Bars (grain-free, GF, SF, oil-free) 5.00

Grain-free, Low-carb Choices:

Lemon (No) Sugar Cookies: almond flour, coconut oil, monkfruit, fresh lemon (GF, SF) 3 in a pack $4

Keto Brownies; almond flour, cacao powder, monkfruit, coconut oil (GF, SF) HALF the size of our regular organic “cake” brownies $4

Almond Butter Brown Rice Krispie Squares $4.

Thank you in advance for your order. Please note that entrees often sell out before Sunday.

See you Sunday! 



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