Thursday, May 5, 2022

Mother's Day May 8th


Dear Green Heart Friends,

Spring Barley Soup.jpg

I swiped this picture off the internet; it's called Spring Barley Soup.  The original recipe isn't vegan; Ted will change it, anyway ;-).  There will be barley, and fresh peas, and asparagus - this much we know.  He'll season it with his fresh garden herbs (the herb part of the garden is booming right now), and fresh greens may be added as well.

Yay!  James will continue to cook with us on Saturdays, so all is well in the kitchen :-)

I have chosen a Veggie Tart entree that was originally inspired by a Martha Stewart recipe in 2007 that I made for the Mother's Day brunch enjoyed by my parents, sister, nieces et al that year -- now updated and improved, and with vegan hollandaise on the side that you can heat up.

And a "meal salad" that is nutritionally loaded:  sprouted lentils + 2 colors of cabbage, so very crunchy, too!

Small Mother's Day cakes in a choice of 3 flavors:  Lemon Berry, Carrot, Chocolate.  All organic:

Mother's Day Cake.JPG

I hope/plan to have some cupcakes with a fresh flower on them, too, for us and for Midtown Vegan Deli even though you won't see them on the menu.
*My mom's in Heaven now; yours may be as well❤. The cake can be ordered w/o writing if you prefer, with or without the flowers.  Just specify, please.

Thank you, in advance, as always for your order.  Please try to have your order in by Thursday night.

Warmly, and in health,

Green Heart Bakery

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Spring Barley Soup

Barley, fresh green peas, asparagus, onions – seasoned with Ted’s fresh garden herbs

( SF, oil-free, nut-free) $7.50
Frozen: Corn chowder w/potatoes, celery, carrots $7

Veggie Tarts w/Hollandaise

Oat & cornmeal crust, filled with zucchini, yellow squash, artichoke hearts, red onion, red bells, cherry tomatoes, all pan-sauteed in white wine, seasoned with fresh sage & other herbs. Hollandaise (almond milk based) served on the side. Herbed quinoa, too. (GF, no added oil) $12.

Sprouted Lentil & Cabbage Salad

Organic sprouted lentils, shredded red cabbage, green cabbage, mandarin oranges, craisins, in a dressing of rice vinegar, Bragg’s, shallots and maple syrup. (GF, SF, no oil). 10 oz. $9.00


Curried ChickUn Salad: 3 grain tempeh in a dressing of mayo and mango chutney, mixed

with celery, raisins & roasted cashews. 8 oz container, or on Dave’s Killer Bread. $9.00 (filling is soy-free)

Seitan Reuben: house made seitan corned “beef”, sauerkraut, our cashew cheez spread, with our Ukrainian dressing, on organic sprouted rye. $9

Millet Lentil Loaf: sprouted organic millet & lentils cooked with onion & herbs, then sliced as a loaf. On Dave’s Killer Bread w/our house made cashew cheez and ketchup. $9.

Yes, you can order the Millet Lentil Loaf by itself. Small loaf is $12.00

Healthy Desserts

6-inch 2-layer Lemon Berry Cake “Happy Mother’s Day” on top w/fresh flowers (GF, oil-free, no nuts) $30. Options: Carrot Cake frosted in vanilla, OR Organic Chocolate frosted in Chocolate, or Vanilla

Strawberry Rhubarb Mini-Pie w/streusel top (GF, SF, oil-free) 7.00

Peach Mini-Pie w/streusel top (pecans, dates, coconut, cinnamon, nutmeg, splash of maple syrup) (GF, SF, oil-free) 7.00

Organic Raspberry Blueberry Tarts (GF) 7.00

(Specify soy-free filling if desired.)

Raw Truffles: Chocolate Nut (pecans, almonds, dates) $2.50/each or 3/$6



Orange Coconut Pineapple Muffins (GF, SF, oil-free, no nuts) 4.50

Chocolate Glazed (baked) Donuts (GF, SF, oil-free, no nuts) 4.00

Pear Streusel Coffee Cake (GF, SF, oil-free, no nuts) 5.00/slice

10 oz. Banana Walnut Bread, Carrot Cake Loaf (both GF, no added oil) $7.

Cookies & Bars

*Samoa Cookies* dipped in chocolate; healthy version of the Girl Scout cookies 3 small cookies in container (SF, GF, no nuts) $4.

Oatmeal Applesauce w/Chocolate Chip (SF, GF, no added fat, no nuts) 4.50

Chocolate Chip Pecan (SF, GF) 4.50 Molasses Ginger (GF, no nuts) 4.50

Apricot Date Bars (GF, SF, oil-free, date-sweetened, no nuts) 5.00

Organic Chocolate Brownies (GF, oil-free) 4.50

Magic Bars (grain-free, GF, SF, oil-free) 5.00

Lemon (No) Sugar Cookies: almond flour, coconut oil, maple syrup, fresh lemon (GF, SF) 3 in a pack $4

Thank you in advance for your order. Please note that entrees often sell out before Sunday.

See you Sunday!

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