Thursday, June 16, 2022

Father's Day Menu


Dear Green Heart Friends,

The menu is going out late as I had to meet a lady at Costco at 6 pm with cupcakes for her daughter's birthday.  It was not finished prior to that as I have been playing catch up all day.

My Thoroughbred, Baghdad, had colic Tuesday night.  Ted let the horses out into their turnout after 10 pm and noticed Baghdad came out and fell on the ground and lay there, instead of rolling, and then going to "clean up" the hay left by the other horses.  So, I walked him for over an hour and a half, until we were satisfied that he was okay.  Ironically, he walked with me MUCH better than he usually does but that was because he was so subdued.  And it was beautiful walking in the full moon light, and the air was the perfect temperature:  not too hot, and not too cold.  We have outdoor lights for the horses' area, so that was good.  Eventually, all 4 horses bedded down for the night.  I didn't have a sense of doom, but you never know for sure....

I WAS going to go to bed "early", and instead went to bed extra-late.  Ted got up at 5 am, and reported back that Baghdad seemed back to normal - what a relief!  I slept longer, working on my sleep deficit.  Then I had an appointment, then the cupcakes to frost, then Cathy stopped by for a visit.  Then it was time to jump in the car with the cupcakes, and shop for ingredients.

I happened to notice on Facebook, I believe, that Renee's Organic Oven has a "Vegan Box".  I called and ordered one, picking it up on the way home.  It contained a small pizza, Pasta Pesto, Garlic Knots and their Cinnamon "Bread" with dipping sauce, for $30.  We ate some of it...all white flour, and so much oil.  Like A LOT of oil.  Ted said, "You don't realize how good the food is that you make until you have someone else's".  "Well, the picture looked good," I said.  But it is no fun to not feel good after you eat; ask Baghdad.  Fortunately, I'm not going to colic, but I don't have energy from having eaten either.

I took a picture of this picture on my laptop in order to show you how yummy and fresh this looks: Barbecued Stuffed Sweet Potatoes.  Jackfruit and lentils will simmer in our barbecue sauce, and that will stuff and top the sweet potatoes.  Then  quick-pickled red onion and cucumber on top; we'll have herbed quinoa on the side.

Stuffed Sweet Potatoes.jpg

Since we'll be stuffing, we'll also stuff organic Red Bell Peppers, with the Mexican rice that we have done in the past.  However, there is an OPTION:  you can order yours with wild rice, seasoned with Dr. Sebi-approved herbs.  We are responding to long-time requests for Dr. Sebi-compliant meals, and finally, we have the chance.
Stuffed peppers.jpg

And for our last photo:

Chocolate PB Uncheescake.JPG

Chocolate Peanut butter Uncheesecake by the slice, a 4" round, or a 6" round.

That's all, folks!  (that I have to say at the moment ;-)

Thank you in advance for your order.  And a reminder:  our last market is Sunday July 3rd, so the last menu will go out Wednesday, June 29th.  Then we go on hiatus for 2 mos -- no markets, but we will be available to make special orders.

In health,

Green Heart Bakery

Green Heart MENU for Sunday 6/19

father’s day

@ Rillito Park Farmers market

8 am  - NOON

Please have your order in no later than Thursday night.  (We always try to accommodate late orders J 

Watermelon Gazpacho

Watermelon, tomato, cucumber, fresh basil, yellow bell pepper, red onion. Very refreshing. (Cold soup!) (GF, SF, oil-free, nut-free) $7.50


Mulligatawny Soup

A thick hearty soup of organic red lentils & organic sweet potatoes, with roasted organic garbanzos. Seasoned with fresh ginger & garlic & Indian spices. (GF, SF, oil-free, no onions)  $7.50

Frozen:  Southwest Black Bean $7.00


Stuffed Red Bell Peppers

Filled with Mexican rice (pinto beans, onions, celery, cumin, chili powder, some tomato, organic brown rice).  One whole pepper (not cut in half) (GF, soy-free, no added fat) $11.

PLEASE SPECIFY IF YOU’D LIKE WILD RICE AS PER DR. SEBI.  The wild rice will be seasoned with approved herbs. $12.

Barbecued Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Sloppy Joes meet baked potatoes:  jackfruit & lentils simmered in our barbecue sauce, then stuffed and topped on organic sweet potatoes.  Also with “quick-pickled” red onion garnish and diced cucumbers.  (GF, SF, no added oil, no nuts) Herbed quinoa on the side. $11.


Curried ChickUn Salad:  3 grain tempeh in a dressing of mayo and mango chutney, mixed with celery, raisins & roasted cashews. 8 oz container, or on Dave’s Killer Bread. $9.00  

Seitan Reuben:  house made seitan corned “beef”, sauerkraut, our housemade cashew cheez, with our Russian dressing, on organic sprouted rye. $10


Healthy Desserts

Organic Strawberry Vanilla Cake by the slice (GF, nut-free, no added oil) $7.  

Chocolate Peanut Butter Uncheezcake by the slice 7.00. I will have several 4” round uncheezcakes, too.

6” uncheesecakes are $25; 4” are $15

Fresh Peach Mini-cakes (GF, SF) $5

Hazelnut Truffles (raw) $2.50/each or 3/$6

Parfaits:  chocolate cake layered with organic cherries & chocolate mousse $5 (GF, nut-free, no added oil)


Date Walnut Scones: oat flour (GF, SF) $4.

Lemon Blueberry Loaves, 10 oz (GF, no added oil) 7.00

Banana Walnut 10 oz Loaves  (GF,SF, no added oil) 7.00

Chocolate Glazed Donuts, baked, topped with sprinkles (GF, SF, no added oil) 4.00


Cookies & Bars

*Samoa Cookies* dipped in chocolate; healthy version of the Girl Scout cookies

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip w/Applesauce(SF, GF, no added fat) 4.50  

Chocolate Chip Pecan (SF, GF)4.50

Molasses Ginger (GF)4.50

Organic Chocolate Brownies (GF, oil-free)4.50

Magic Bars (grain-free, GF, SF, oil-free)5.00

Organic Meyer Lemon Bars (oat flour crust, rice milk base, sweetened w/organic birch xylitol) $5

Thank you in advance for your order.

Please let me know if you’d like to be removed from this email list.

Feel free to phone me w/questions and/or special requests.

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