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Menu for Sunday 10/31, 9 am - 1 pm


Dear Green Heart Friends,

Yes, the onset of cooler weather "triggers" us to add a favorite that usually shows up later:  Gingerbread Loaves, and that's on top of the "Chumpkin" (pumpkin uncheesecake topped with chocolate mousse), and Chocolate Halloween Cupcakes.    Don't forget it's the 30th holiday season for Alaine's Rainforest Cake 😁💚  Wait -- I'm talking about dessert first!

Kale Potato Enchilada Casserole

I got some roasted tomatillos from Red's Roasters at Rillito last Sunday, and they'll make a fine sauce for our enchilada casserole with organic pinto beans.

I couldn't resist the idea of our Garlic Mashed Potatoes, so we'll have those with "creamed" spinach on the side, and topped with roasted veggies (cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, shallots). 

If you are new to our email list:  the menu for this weekend is the attachment.  You may email me back with your selections; you will pay for your order when you pick up on Sunday at Rillito Park Farmers Market (9 am - 1 pm).  Almost every ingredient is organic; we are seasoning the savory with herbs (often from Ted's garden) instead of oil and salt. I will confirm your order via email on Thursday night.

Our new horse, Billy, has put on weight, and is gaining confidence mingling with our other 4 horses.

Still not a "fatty", but not so bony!

We are also working on the menu for November 5 & 6 (we'll be at Harlow Gardens Holiday Fair both days, and you will be able to pick up your order there, as we do every year). So - surprise!  That menu will be emailed to you on Monday 10/31; just a heads-up.

Thank you, as always, for your order.  See you Sunday!  (Management informed us to wear costumes.....sigh)

In health,

Alaine Shrewsbury
Green Heart Bakery

P.S.  As soon as we can, we'll send out the Thanksgiving Menu.  We'll have most everything we've had in previous years, since those are "holiday favorites".  I notice more people are ordering earlier this year. And yes, Leila will deliver to anyone who prefers to receive their Thanksgiving order on Tuesday/Wednesday, instead of picking up on Sunday at Rillito.

Green Heart Menu for October 30th @ Rillito Park Farmers Market


(Please have your order in by Thursday evening.)



A thick hearty soup of organic red lentils & organic sweet potatoes, with roasted organic garbanzos. Seasoned with fresh ginger & garlic & Indian spices.  (GF, SF, no added fat or nuts; no onions) $7.50

Frozen Soups:  Mushroom Barley; Southwest Black Bean (only 1 left);  Roasted Garlic, Squash & Farro Stew $7.



(NOT hot spicy)


Organic:  potatoes, kale, pinto beans, onions, spices, corn tortillas, green tomatillo sauce,_“cheez” sauce: rice milk, nutritional yeast, oat flour, spices. (SF, GF, no added oil, no nuts) Garnished with fresh lime slices and cilantro $13.

Garlic Mashed Potatoes topped with Roasted Veggies

Organic potatoes, mashed with steamed garlic & seasoned with nutritional yeast & our veg broth.  Topped with roasted Brussels sprouts, cauliflower & shallots.  “Creamed” spinach on the side (rice milk-based sauce).  (GF, SF, no added oil, no nuts)     $13


Chickpea Mock “Tuna”: 8 oz container, or on

Dave’s Killer Bread. This is very low fat, as

we make the “mayo” (tofu, lemon juice,

apple cider vinegar, Dijon, agave), and high

in fiber and plant protein. $9. (filling is GF, no added fat) Fresh herbs from Ted’s garden.

Millet Lentil Loaf: Our sprouted organic millet & lentil loaf, on Dave’s Bread, with our cashew cheez spread & ketchup. $10 (filling is GF, oil-free, SF)

You may also order a small loaf, no bread $13

Seitan Reuben:  house-made seitan corned “beef”, sauerkraut, house-made cashew cheez spread, with our Russian dressing, on organic sprouted rye. $11.

Healthy Desserts

Tiramisu by the slice (GF, SF, oil-free) 7.50 The mascarpone is made of whipped coconut cream blended with soaked cashews and maple syrup.

Peanut Butter & Cream Cheez-filled Chocolate Cupcakes (GF, no added oil) 4.50 – decorated for Halloween


Chocolate Pumpkin Uncheesecake:  our silken-tofu based pumpkin uncheesecake, topped with our chocolate mousse;  aka The Chumpkin. $7/slice (GF, no added fat, no nuts)


Fresh Lime Bars w/oat flour crust, sweetened with xylitol (GF, oil-free) $5


Organic Peach Streusel Pie:  gently sweetened with agave, in an organic sprouted crust.  (Soy-free, gluten-free, no added oil) $7.50 Streusel is dates, pecans, coconut, cinnamon, nutmeg.


Mixed Organic Berry Tarts (GF, no nuts) 7.50

( Please specify if you’d like soy-free filling)


Pumpkin Mini-Pie: our pumpkin pie filling in our organic oat flour shell (GF, no added fat in filling or oat flour crust) $6.00


Raw Truffles: Toasted Hazelnut Truffles $2.50/each; 3/$6



NEW:  SAVORY Muffin:  Organic oat flour, chickpea flour, NO SWEETENER, sundried tomatoes, Italian herbs, pumpkin seeds (GF, SF, no added oil, no nuts) $4.50

Pumpkin Cranberry Scone  (GF, SF) $4.50

Orange Coconut Pineapple Streusel Coffee Cake (GF, SF, no added oil.  Streusel is dates, pecans, coconut shreds.). $5/slice

Chocolate Glazed Donuts, baked, topped with sprinkles (GF, SF, no added oil, no nuts)$4.50

Pumpkin Pecan Loaf  (GF, no added oil) $7.50

Banana Walnut 10 oz Loaf  ( GF, SF, no added oil) $7.50

*GINGERBREAD is back in season* - 10 oz loaves (GF, SF, no added fat, no nuts) $7.50

*30th Holiday Season*

Alaine’s Rainforest Cake– a loaf made of organic: Brazil nuts, dates,  apricots, pineapple, raisins, craisins, fresh orange zest, agave and brown rice flour. The dried fruit is unsulfured.

By the slice $4.50; the 1 lb. loaf $25, or 2 lb loaf $45


Cookies & Bars

Nutter Butter Cookies: oat flour, maple syrup, peanut butter, vanilla. These are shaped into “peanuts”, and filled with peanut butter blended with Better Than Cream Cheese – so they should be kept cold. They sell very well at Midtown Vegan Deli.  3 filled cookies in a container.  (GF, no added oil) $5.

*Samoa Cookies* dipped in chocolate; healthy version of the Girl Scout cookies 3 small cookies in container (SF, GF, no nuts) $4.50

Oatmeal Applesauce w/Chocolate Chip (SF, GF, no added fat, no nuts) 4.50

Chocolate Chip Pecan (SF, GF) 4.50

Molasses Ginger (GF, no nuts) 4.50

Apricot Date Breakfast Bars (GF, SF, oil-free, date-sweetened, no nuts) 5.00

Organic Chocolate Brownies (GF, oil-free) 4.50

Magic Bars (grain-free, GF, SF, oil-free) 5.00  


Thank you in advance for your order.  Please note that we MAY only make enough of the savory to fill orders.

Just let me know if you’d like to be removed from this email list.

Feel free to phone me w/questions and/or special requests.

And feel free to forward this menu to anyone you know who’d be interested in WFPB foods.

See you Sunday!


Green Heart Bakery



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