Monday, February 1, 2010

Hey there! I'm so glad you could stop by. If you've ordered, tasted, enjoyed, admired, etc one of my tasty baked creations, please feel free to leave a comment/testimonial about it!



  1. Alaine - Thanks to you my Grandfather is able to enjoy delicious deserts when we have family get-togethers. Your Diabetic Friendly cakes, pies & treats are mouth watering. Not only does Grandpa love them, but now the whole family does too! Keep up the fabulous work :D
  2. Thank you!! I can’t tell you what a special treat it is every night (for 10+ years) to look forward to the morning knowing I will have my date bars. I’m eating them now with two scoops of ricotta and walnuts! Soooooooooooo good.
  3. Mark T. WorkmanMay 27, 2010 at 4:25 PM
    Alaine makes a lot of healthy tasty treats but her strawberry rhubarb pies have always been my personal favorite! MMMM!
  4. I first met Alaine of Alaine's Bakery when she had a booth at the Hollywood Farmers Market around 13 years ago. I was new to to the whole concept of guilt-free desserts. I soon found that her treats were delicious and healthy and I became a regular customer of her pies. Her baked goods are so healthy they can be eaten for breakfast. I cannot say that of any other brand of dessert I know of. She's consistent in the quality of her products and I highly recommend to anyone who has not tried her desserts to go ahead and enjoy guilt-free without sacrificing taste.
  5. My vice? DESSERT! And nothing is more depressing than standing in a grocery store looking at dessert that i can't eat. Alaine has mastered the art of healthy, delicious, and beautiful desserts that are far from depressing, turning my vice into virtue!
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  7. Just wanted to drop you a note to say how amazing your vegan chocolate cake was. So moist, with such intense flavor. I loved it! I actually bought a small vegan chocolate cupcake at Whole Foods today for comparison sake, and was sorely disappointed--not only was the cake dry, the frosting was not tasty nor was it very chocolatey. I passed on your name to a family friend who is vegan and who may very likely need a wedding cake later down the road...
    Thanks for the delicious treat--it was so good!
  8. Alaine,

    Your banana chocolate cake should be listed under the 7 deadly sins, but wait!! it is healthy for you! C'est impossible!!! Your pastries should be called "a religious experience" for after taking a bit of your pastries we utter the words, "oh, my god!!!" They are tres magnifique!

    happily yours,

  9. This is actually dessert that we should all eat more of! My favorites are the fruit tart, German chocolate cake, and the chocolate chip cookies. YumYumYum!
  10. Alaine, I’m so thrilled that you have moved to Tucson--because this means that your incredible edible creations are available here locally. Not only are they works of art and phenomenally delicious, but it seems too good to be true that they are actually healthy, too… The vegan chocolate cherry cake I enjoyed on Sunday was totally and blissfully delicious. You must have some magic running through your veins to be able to concoct these culinary delights that are actually GOOD for us. I feel very blessed to have discovered you!
  11. Carrot Cake, a haiku

    Oh to the goodness!
    Rejuvelac 'tis the shit!
    'Laine's cake how I love!

    carrot cake i eat
    'laine's cake can't be beat
    it is the sheeeee-yat

    dense, moist and chewy
    ummmm, carrot cake has no meat
    without perfidy

    not at all too sweet
    heaven on earth at first bite
    a perfect tincture

    green frog jumping high
    water runneth to the dam
    sound and sight is like the spring.
  12. I ordered a coconut macaroon cake and Alaine sent it to Upstate NY from Tucson. It arrived in safely and was delicious. Thanks so much Alaine!
  13. The chocolate cake Alaine made for my friend's memorial was stupendous! Delicious, yummy and healthy !! It had everything I requested. My 7 year old granddaughter still talks about how good it was.

    Thank you,

    Edna Silva, R.N. Tucson, Arizona

  14. Thanks Alaine,

    The chocolate vegan cake was delicious Everyone in the salon loved it and by the end of the day it was gone. You made my birthday that much more special and I can't wait to order another one.

    Again, thanks!
    Thomas Munoz, hairdresser: Tucson, AZ

  15. Hey Alaine,

    As all who have tried your products know, yours are the best! What I appreciate so much is your willingness to accomodate my dietary requests. And what really impresses me is that I can absolutely count on your doing what you say, on time....your word is good as gold.

    Thanks so much,

    Jim K, Tucson and Oregon


     The cake is flawless and that's coming from sugar eaters. Very moist 
    and decadent, is how I would describe the cake. My mother who just tried a bite and loved it (she hates cakes that don't have sugar in it but loves this one and thinks it's beautiful), is wondering how you got it to rise without sugar? I'm curious as to your binding agent. I'm sure it's the apple sauce. 
     Thanks again! You have my future business,
     Tucson, Arizona  12/22/13


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  2. Thanks for the fruit cake. It’s delicious. Haven’t been able to eat fruit cake for years. I’ve become highly allergic to eggs which is in all store bought fruit cake. I will buy them year round now! Bought two. Will freeze one for Christmas. Already ate half of the other one! Have a friend who is allergic to eggs and milk since birth. He will love the cake!