Wedding Cakes

Greenheart Bakery is proud to offer custom wedding cakes. We use 100% organic whole-grain oat flour. We sweeten with fruit concentrate, agave syrup, and maple syrup ---- and do not use refined sugar.  Additionally, all cakes are egg and dairy-free, and so are always 100% vegan. We add no fat or oils.  Frostings are silken tofu-based (not margarine and shortening-based).


Our cakes can be 100% gluten-free, and can be diabetic-friendly as well.  For special diabetic needs, your cake may be sweetened with organic birch "sugar" (xylitol).  


Wedding cakes prices are based on the cake and what it involves, and are not calculated per serving. Generally a cake starts at $450.00, which includes the following:


 1. The cake, typically with 3 tiers, with each tier resting on the tier below it. The             tiers may be different flavors.

 2. The cake will sit on a "ruffleboard" , which is a corrugated cardboard circle                    covered with lacy ruffle.

 3. Set-up of the cake at the wedding reception. This includes decorating the cake              (with fresh flowers provided by someone other than Greenheart Bakery).


 Upcharges are for:


 1. The purchase of fresh flowers by Greenheart Bakery, if asked for.

 2. Delivery charge is based on actual round-trip mileage from our Tucson, Arizona           location.

 3. Bigger cakes, and cakes with more than 3 tiers.

 4. Cakes with "separated" tiers.

 5. Cakes decorated with fondant, gold dust, or other special features.   

 6. Any special acrylic or other cake stands that may need to be rented.

 7. Any additional display decorations or hardware.

 8. Additional test-baking to accommodate special dietary restrictions or desires. 


When planning on a wedding cake with Greenheart Bakery, a consultation is required. This involves setting up an appointment, so that cake flavors may be sampled. Usually, the bride brings a picture of what she has in mind, and we discuss how that can be made or modified to her wishes.  At this time the bride and groom will spend 45-60 minutes with us discussing all the details of their wedding cake. The fee for this is $40.00 --- which is later deducted from the cost of the wedding cake when you book your cake. (If you do not book your wedding cake with us, then the $40 is non-refundable.) 


A lovely 3-tiered wedding cake


Your wedding cake is a special part of your wedding ritual and reflects your taste; therefore, a wedding cake is a very special order, customized to suit your needs, desires, location and number of guests.  The cake pictured above was for a wedding in Riverside in July 2008.  A classic three-tiered cake, it is gluten-free chocolate, and triple-frosted:  first in chocolate frosting, then vanilla, then decorated with chocolate frosting designs.  Fresh red roses complete the look.


There are several choices and styles for wedding cakes... and we have also created "wedding cupcake towers".... Here are some examples:


Flowers add a special touch...

Chocolate is always a favorite!

3 separated tiers

  Tony and Sarah's Wedding Cupcake Tower!!


 We had such a wonderful wedding and your beautiful cake was an absolute HIT!!  I can't tell you how many people came up to us and complimented the design and taste. Thank you again for your hard work and dedication to our spectacular wedding cake. I couldn't have asked for anything more amazing!

Tony and Sarah Barasso, Tucson, 4/15/12

Wedding Cupcake Tower is a great centerpiece


As soon as you have your wedding date set, it is the "right" time to schedule a consultation.  Most wedding cakes are booked months in advance, but we have accommodated couples who were only a month away.  After the consultation, we will send you an email so that you have all the details in writing, and the price for the cake.  As soon as we receive a 50% deposit, the cake is booked, and your date is held for you.  The second and final payment for the cake is due one week prior to the wedding, and that date will be mentioned in the email.


Another Memorable Wedding Cake from Greenheart Bakery


"I wanted to let you know that you did an absolutely fabulous job with the cake.  It looked beautiful and it was delicious.  We could not have been happier.  The whole wedding was a beautiful success and that cake was an important component.  I have taken pictures to my work and everyone was asking who did the cake as it is so beautiful.  Thank you!!" 
Barbara Ninan


 A recent testimonial from a client in Southern California:

Andrew and I wanted to thank you for the beautiful and DELICIOUS
wedding cake. You have no idea how much it meant to me to be able to
share my wedding cake with my husband and not have to worry about his
blood sugar. It is something I will always remember, and I know he
will too. Everyone loved the cake as well, and only a few people knew
it was vegan. No one else knew or even noticed! And we got a lot of
comments on how good the filling in the chocolate raspberry cake was,
and how interesting and delicious the banana one was. We are just so
grateful that we found you and that you were willing to drive down for
our wedding.

Thanks and I look forward to seeing you again,
Alyssa Dines

Alyssa"s Wedding Cake


KATE and CASEY"S Wedding in Amado, Arizona 

on May 12, 2013


Alaine with Kate and Casey's Wedding Cake

Close-up of the cake...

 Abraham and Nikki's Wedding Cake ---- September 21, 2013



Please call 520-954-2409 or send us an e-mail so we can begin to discuss your wedding cake ideas....

Thank you!!!


  1. Wow! These cakes look amazing and delicious. I remember going to a wedding expo in one of the Los Angeles wedding venues where there were different bakers from different cities that bought wonderfully designed cakes for the expo. Your cakes reminded me of that day, I had a big fat belly after the expo.

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